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Medical fees


Inguinal or femoral hernia repair 一侧 $2,950
两侧 $3,950
Umbilical or epigastric hernia repair $3,450

包治(package)治疗 (为国外患者优惠价格)

1. Inguinal hernia repair + endoscopy
endoscopy colonoscopy + gastroscopy $400
colonoscopy $300
gastroscopy $200
  • 全部内窥镜检查用睡眠麻醉检查(睡眠内窥镜检查)
  • 如结肠内窥镜检查中切除结肠息肉,加收$200
2. Inguinal hernia repair + cancer screening test (2-night course)

We just do the essential cancer screening tests designed by the official cancer statistics.(endoscopy included)

for men $1,000 Prostatic cancer, Colorectal cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Lung cancer, Gastric cancer, Esophageal cancer, Bladder cancer, Renal cancer, Liver cancer, Gall bladder cancer, Thyroid cancer (11 cancers)
for women $1,100 Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer, Uterine cervical cancer, Colorectal cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Lung cancer, Gastric cancer, Esophageal cancer, Bladder cancer, Renal cancer, Liver cancer, Gall bladder cancer, Thyroid cancer (13 cancers)
  • 全部内窥镜检查用睡眠麻醉检查(睡眠内窥镜检查)
  • 如结肠内窥镜检查中切除结肠息肉,加收$200
3. hernia repair + cardiac examinations
cardiac examinations CT coronary angiography + echocardiogram+ carotid artery ultrasonography $800
  • 全部内窥镜检查用睡眠麻醉检查(睡眠内窥镜检查)
  • 如结肠内窥镜检查中切除结肠息肉,加收$200
4. hernia repair + major cancer screening test(endoscopy included) + cardiac exams +$1,900 ($2,100 for women) (3-day course)
major cancer screening test(endoscopy included) + cardiac exams for men $1800 → $1,600
for women $1900 → $1,700
  • 全部内窥镜检查用睡眠麻醉检查(睡眠内窥镜检查)
  • 如结肠内窥镜检查中切除结肠息肉,加收$200

Original price

colonoscopy $700
gastroscopy $400
major cancer screening tests men $2,000
women $2,200
cardiac examinations $1,500
  • 全部内窥镜检查用睡眠麻醉检查(睡眠内窥镜检查)
  • 如结肠内窥镜检查中切除结肠息肉,加收$200

We do an excellent quality endoscopy in terms of adenoma detection rate or early gastric cancer detection rate.

All endoscopies are performed using CO2 gas under full sedation, so you don’t feel any discomfort at all during the procedure, and just a little discomfort after the procedure, if any.

Quality Indicators for Colonoscopy Gipum Hospital(in 2017)
(adenoma detection rate)
Men(≥age 50) >25% 44.9%
Women(≥age 50) >15% 30.0%


我院只检查必需的癌症 :


女性癌检查:乳房癌、卵巢癌、子宫颈癌、结肠癌、胰腺癌、肺癌、胃癌、食道癌、膀胱癌、肝癌、胆道癌、甲状腺癌 (13大癌)

心脏检查用最尖端CT设备及心脏超音波设备检查. For women we do a low radiation dose mammography(women>age 40, Pap smear is added. Women > age 40, we check breasts using a breast sonography). We do cardiac examinations with high-end corresponding equipment (Siemens 128 Dual Flash CT and Phillips IE-33 echocardiogram)

All our diagnostic equipment is high-end.


  • GE LOGIQ E9 Ultrasound Machine

  • SIMENS ACUSON S2000 Ultrasound Machine

  • PHILIPS IE33 Echocardiography System

  • Olympus Lucera260 SERIES

  • SIMENS Mammomat Inspiration


Stephen Kwon

English language interpreter and hospital chaplain
Call from overseas: (82)-10-8253-8699
Email address: stephen9kwon@daum.net

After you contact the hospital or the above person, you can set up an appointment. Then you make a flight schedule in advance. You make the stay in South Korea for about 7 days or more.

We will assist you if you have any difficulties in getting from the airport to the hotel. The next day or a few days later, depending on your bodily condition or on your sightseeing plan, you can go through the pre-surgery test and the actual surgery in the afternoon. The next day you will be discharged to the hotel room or wherever your living quarters might be. After a few days rest in Korea, if you would prefer that, you will get on the flight back to your home country. The whole cost will depend on the class of the flight and the days you stay at the hotel or other places you go. Roughly speaking the total cost, including flight, room and board, from leaving your home country to arriving back there, can be from US$5,000 to 6,000, which is much less than the price you would spend anywhere else in the world.

There are some hotels for your reservation as follows:

1. Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas

3.2km away from the hospital. We can give you a ride.

2. JW Marriott Hotel Seoul

3.9km away from the hospital. We can give you a ride.

3. Hotel Sheraton, Seoul Palace, Gangnam

4.9km away from the hospital. We can give you a ride.

4. Shilla Stay, Seocho (business hotel)

300m away from the hospital

It is more convenient to choose ‘Shilla Stay, Seocho.’ Other branches are much further away from the hospital.

5. Hotel Peyto, Gangnam (business hotel)

400m away from Gipum Hospital

6. Urban Place, Gangnam

600m away from the hospital

Preparation prior to surgery and the day of surgery

There is no need to fast prior to surgery as the surgery administers local anesthesia. Patients do not need to stop taking their regular medicine either. Medicine for hypertension or diabetes should be taken as usual. A simple pre-medical checkup is necessary for surgery, such as an ultrasound and a blood test.

Kang Non-Mesh Hernia Repair usually takes about 20 minutes. An additional 10 minutes may be taken to stay in the surgery room for preparation before surgery and wrap up after surgery.

The remaining effects of the local anesthetic used during surgery would prevent pain for several hours even after the surgery. Pain may begin slowly but can usually be controlled by painkillers. For those who undergo one-day surgery, about 50% of them take a painkiller shot soon after surgery. In most cases, it is not as painful and patients tend to take painkillers from the next day. However, pain like a tight feeling in the surgical part while lying down, getting up and walking may persist for about a week. Pain due to artificial mesh surgery can be more severe and persist longer.

Patients can leave the hospital on the day of the surgery or the next day. A one-night stay is recommended for those who had hernia surgery on both sides or who are older.

After discharge

Special adhesive for surgery is used on the surgical region and patients do not have to visit the hospital to get treatment on the surgical part or to get stitches removed.

  • Walking : soon after operation
  • Meal : normal meal soon after operation
  • Pain killer : 3-4 days
  • Taking shower : from the next day
  • Wound care : just changing preformed dressing gauze, no need to remove stitches
  • Flight : even the next day is possible
  • Back to work : any time, even the next day
  • Jogging and swimming : after a week
  • 2 weeks later : No need to limit any physical activity, but listen to what your body tells you

Where to go in Seoul

You can find lots of useful information here to make your visit more interesting:



From Incheon Int’l Airport

  • When you take Airport Limousine Bus
    Airport Exit 5A or 11B Get on Limousine Bus #6009 After six stops, get off at Woo-Sung Apt. stop Go to Bang-Bang Sageori junction, make a left, and walk 80m.
  • When you take Subway
    At Incheon Int’l Airport station, get on the subway going onto Gimpo Airport direction After five stops get off at Gimpo Airport Transfer to Subway line #9 going onto Express Bus Terminal After twenty stops get off at Express Bus Terminal Transfer to subway #3 going to Yangje Get off at Yangje station and out at Exit 3 Walk 500 m At Bang-Bang Sageori Junction make a right and walk 80m.
  • When you drive a Car
    Incheon Int’l Airport Sinbul IC(interchange) Expressway entrance (Incheon Int’l Airport Expressway) At Airport New City junction, go straight to Seoul and Incheon direction Pass New Airport tollgate At No-oji Junction go straight to Seoul and Gimpo Airport direction At 88 Expressway turning-point, exit to Seoul and Olympic Expressway Drive through Olympic Expressway on the right Take the elevated highway going to Seoul Arts Center and Seocho Station At Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital junction make a left to Banpo IC(interchange) direction At Kyobo Tower junction make a right toward Gangnam Station direction At Bang Bang Sageori junction, make a left to Gangnam Sevrance Hospital direction and go 80m